• Fireside
by Mary Summer Rain
ISBN: 1-57174-094-5
216 pages 5½ x 8½ inches
Trade Paper.

From her isolated cabin deep in the mountains, Mary Summer Rain shares, for the first time, her own philosophical views about many subjects. In a series of fireside chats, she brings together the wisdom of a lifetime of experiences, study, and deep contemplation. In a quiet dialogue with a close friend, Mary covers subjects such as \"quantum meditation\" and \"virtual meditation\" (terms she herself has coined), the meaning of value, what real power is, the wisdom of silence, unconditional goodness, what children need to be taught, the eight qualities of wisdom, the nature of the web of consciousness, the enlightened physicists, and much more, including a few predictions for the future. There is even a close encounter of the \"bear\" kind.

Fireside is one of the most fascinating and instructive books Mary Summer Rain has ever written.

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